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The Paw Way 4 U 

The Paw Way 4U, is a magazine and also White Carpet Events and will allow you a view into the world of opulence and breeding together with attire to suit each Sight Hound of each events day and events evenings. 

The Paw Way 4 U Magazine
Quarterly Season edition-1. 
This month's silver edition is
Each month this picture window will give you a view of this seasons Magazine. A wonderful look at The Paw Way 4 U magazine.

The front cover will allow your first glimpse of this SILVER edition.

This high quality magazine is available now!

Click on the picture for your choice of Purchase. ALSO view the  covers of VIVI PANDA located at  

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The Paw Way 4 U Magazine
Quarterly Season edition-2
This month's white edition is
New & exciting Angelica Bordeaux has captivated all once again. It is

uplifting and the evening skies with a light of grace and affordability is an area of happiness for Renaissance Borzoi 's captivating White edition


The Paw Way 4 U Magazine.  


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The Paw Way 4 U Magazine
Quarterly Season edition- 4
This month's Yellow and black edition is 

Our Solar System is a very exciting location, look forward to the show.

We each enjoy Renaissance Borzoi 's Creative design layouts with this morning's Events right here upon Earth. Miss Bordeaux has a Flair for difference, finesse within style & Grace. The Paw Way 4 U Magazine allow's integral Ideas to become a part of your lifestyle and an imagination.

Good Good Good!  


The Paw Way 4 U Magazine
Quarterly Season edition- 3
This Month Gold edition is
Urban Concepts mesh together with Uptown and the Elite ideas located
Only within this month Gold Edition of The Paw Way 4 U Magazine. A stimulating and exciting read.
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