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Regal Czar Romanoff


CZAR is birthed and raised on the 13th day of June 2010,

In Zealand at Mayvale Borzoi. CZAR did return to Sydney Australia with a welcome and greeted with his  Lady owner Bordeaux and personally accepts the borzoi and named him. Miss Bordeaux waited approximately 22 years to receive delivery of Joanne's Regal Czar Romanoff Borzoi.Regal Czar Romanoff continues with God his grace, Elegance and Stands within his own Borzoi breed. His light is lighter and with his lady owner  CZAR Romanoff Friends on planet Earth stood standing on the right within his own Borzoi breed a borzoi gift from Joanne Bordeaux Royal Prince claimed joannes borzoi sighthound .

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