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Our Borzoi Lineage.


Where etiquette is essential and elegance within manner is assured Our Borzoi’s are correct in Structure,Temperament and Behaviour. Each is right with elegance and care loyalty and friendship a small portion of their history is Retained  over time and their future due to the right care and affection offered with gentle kindness within each behaviour this intelligent breed are willing to share with you their trust.

Regal Czar Romanoff and Regal Prince Regent each share  worthy names and each  Borzoi dog is a part from the best .  

Each Borzoi Sight hound is individual and unlike any other sight hound. Each is deserving of respect. Our Borzoi Sight Hounds are raised with appreciation for care, a gentle kindness and a wealth of  their own understanding. written by  Joanne it is of my opinion  A freedom that only a Borzoi can understand when looking into a gentle breeze. And standing within his dog breed the Borzoi


It is a gift when knowing when to allow for the Borzoi instincts to strengthen "a key note" already understood with this gentle breed.

Each Borzoi is home fed with the richness of individually chosen dairy products during their youth to adulthood, meat animals fed and raised naturally on the farm and growth within area of body is a must for knowledge when raising a borzoi.

There are many other understandings for each Borzoi needs but when only disclosed with our patron's request of interest and along with their personal program this can offer assistance with a start to their individual four year guide on growth span. This will give the Renaissance Borzoi SightHounds what is essential to their daily health and care. With this care of our each individual borzoi Sight Hound life is an essential part of Renaissance Borzoi our best.

A quiet reminder The Velvet Paws own Snooty Mews Magazine will discuss news and many reasons our Renaissance Borzoi SightHound is a happy home Borzoi. "Laughter and smiles" a worthy pet to keep, a gentle AND HONOURABLE friend indeed.


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