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Our Borzoi Future 

At Renaissance Borzoi there is a code of ethics our Owner implements. It is of the highest order and kindness within request. Understanding this request is met year before year measures have been given to assist with the continuation of this our Borzoi breed. This method of ethics ensures that once over history and over time allows for this breed to continue this our Borzoi owner and director Princess Joanne A E.C.F.B-Bordeaux of Renaissance Borzoi states “To put a little back on the shelf for a few in the future is to share with a little from the best”. After many years, and further into our futures both our Renaissance Borzoi Sight Hounds,Regal Czar Romanoff and Regal Prince Regent  before aged too far gone, individually have stored their Borzoi straws.

Each individual straw have been removed with care and gentle ease and within intervals during the course of their youthful age.

Once each is put aside for our next future generation to care, appreciate, respect and with knowledge it is your choice.

One request method that Angelica asks is for one or two of her Borzoi Russian Wolf sight Hounds to be carried further into the future with care. Our Borzoi although chosen to breed are not for sale. But given this chance with assistance their individual collation of semen to continue their linage with care and respect is possible. when each succesful Borzoi are born into the year of our great grandchildren, whereby a future quality for our Borzoi is offered

from the individual purchaser will bring forth this white and/or cream elegant Borzoi. An individual that can awaken from their slumber when ready. To be introduced to a screened family with quality means both within character, within wealth, manner, within behavior and with the knowledge of this our own Borzoi breed and Temperament. 

PRINCESS JOANNE BORDEAUX has made provisions to assist persons who are chosen to purchase and will learn and understand this our Borzoi requirements. 

This is not an act of snobbery it is a trusted future for all to share the desired outcome and welcome.  







To date Joanne Is happy to know no person did phone for this process.

A Special thanks to Zoo Studio Photography.

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